perfect weakness; with Skullcap

Sep 23, 2017

I cannot do anything on the internet or walk past a community bulletin board without an ad or flyer begging my attention with promises of “empowerment.” A retreat, they say, will help me feel “more powerful.” Maybe I could try one-on-one sessions with a trained professional who will “empower me.” Or maybe I need to change my diet to more wholesome, empowering fare.

I think these people must be retaining their sense of powerlessness in order to feel powerful in comparison. They refer to power as something to build and feed, as one would build muscles at a gym. They make power sound like something to stockpile, something to have more of than someone else. Often, that someone else is the memory of a previous version of yourself. To be “empowered” means to be endowed with more power somehow, to rise more powerful than I had been before.

Before what? Before some nefarious, hateful person stole all of my power away. Before the overwhelm set in. Before some personal cataclysm ruptured my sense of self, my sense of the world, my sense of security.

Before a Fall.

But my power is made perfect in my weakness.

I know what you’re thinking, and, yes, that is God speaking, and it is also the Goddess speaking. It is Me speaking, and it is You speaking. It is the Trees speaking, the Air and Soil and Rocks speaking. The Water says it, too, and every Raindrop. The Sunset, the Sunrise, the Moon, every Star. Every grain of Sand, every cell of our bodies, every molecule speaks the Words. Him Her It Them They speak.

The world is always speaking the Word to Itself. Itself is You. It is Spirit Speaking through you, to you, as a gift to be given and received by you.

My power is made perfect in my weakness.

If you want to feel your innate power, go to your weaknesses. Do not go to your strengths and do not try to build your strengths because you do not know what your strengths are. How can you when you do not know your weaknesses? Your weaknesses will show you your perfect power; they will show you all of the lies you tell yourself about how you are not powerful.

Your weaknesses show you where you need to go in order to remember that you are already powerful. They are way-showers. You know you are in the presence of a way-shower when you feel defensive or fearful. When anger surges through your body, when you are not at peace, you are in the presence of a way-shower. Pay attention to the way-shower.

Many people want power, but they do not want responsibility. They do not understand that power comes through responsibility, and that power without responsibility is empty. When we do not accept responsibility, we do not accept our innate power, which is the only power that will satisfy our longing.

(Longing for power is not wrong. Power is your right of Being. You have every right to want power. But longing for power over another or wielding power over another is not true power. It will never satisfy you because it seeks to divide. The fact that you try to have power over another, that you believe another can have power over you proves that you do not understand yourself or the nature of true power.)

If we do not accept responsibility for the uses of our power, we cannot accept either gratitude or forgiveness. We choose to make ourselves unavailable to love when we deny our responsibility. We do not hear the Spirit (Who is also Us) speaking through the Earth (Who is also Us) that we are loved, that we are safe, that we are home. We hear our nightmares, fears, and our anxieties. We do not hear reality, and we have removed ourselves from the seat of our power.

Because we have removed ourselves from the seat of our power by denying our responsibility, we forget that we are powerful.

I do not need you to “empower” me because I have never lost my power. I need you to remind me of my responsibility to my power.

My power is Love, and it is my joy to accept the responsibility to give and receive Love. It is my joy to seek out my weaknesses so that I may love you more and come further into my power. It is my joy to forgive you for your mistakes and prove to you that you have never hurt me. It is my joy to offer you gratitude for your Being with me.

If you do not feel powerful, accept your responsibility to love. Your starting place is where you feel the least resistance. Start there. Work your way through. Ask for Help. We will come.