yes, i still do

Jul 19, 2017

what you need to understand
is that
the broken is the precious.

if you look out and see
a broken world,
don’t let go.

hold it tighter.

soften soften soften
until the broken finds
all of your edges
and clicks
you back together.

don’t let go
don’t let go

don’t. let. go.

find the broken
and let it bind you back together.

we discard the broken
so easily.
wipe the slate,
break the slate,
start over from scratch.

we want to forget.

except we can’t really do that.
except we are still saddled
with everything that has come before.
we cannot release it,
recycle it
get rid of it

it all comes back
like little puppies
“love me, love,
love me.”

so love it.
and when the grief finds you again,
smile, because it is precious,
and weep,
because your love
has tumbled into your lap
begging for treats and kisses.

please don’t send me away.

i feel the world’s question
heavy in the morning:

do you still love me?

my answer is sometimes very slow in coming
because it is not every morning
I love myself
enough to say

yes. i still love you.

and after i’ve said it,
i feel the gust of


how can you still love me?

that is what we call grace, Child.
that is what we call grace.